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The Day the “Old Me” Died

Things like this almost always seem to start off on a nice normal sunny day.  We had planned a vacation at  Topsail Island, located along the Southeastern coast of North Carolina.  Since it was a holiday weekend, we were all eager to get started on the trip.  It was a lovely day.  Given that we had access to two vans,  it was decided that our men folk ...

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Back in the Days When Kids Were Kids

When I was a kid, life was really cool. Living with my grandparents while my Daddy was in the Marines was full of farm animals, vegetable gardens, apple orchards, flower gardens and red clay banks.   The new little round screen TV was a pure wonder to me.  I could see programs like "The Lone Ranger, Tonto With Silver and Scout", "Captain Kangaroo & Mr. Green ...

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Way Back When Things Were Easier to Understand

The most frustrating thing I have had to face about life is that just when it seems things are comfortable, something or somebody tosses a cow patty in the middle of everything.   Webster's defines what normal means but that doesn't hold true when things happen that change your life in ways that seem impossible to handle or to even find anything that resembles ...

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