From A “Little Girl” To A “Young Lady” Our Bella is Growing Up

Posted on March 19, 2015

Three days shy of her ninth month of age, our Bella is experiencing her first Heat cycle.  It started off a couple of weeks ago when Bella was experimenting with play mating with Rusty.  Needless to say, Rusty, who is a neutered male and about as mellow a dog as one can be, tolerated Bella’s amorous mating moves by rolling over on his back and playing “feets” with her.   I picked up four pair of Velcro panties and pads, two hot pink and two purple pairs, for her to use from Pet Smart.   She has the cutest puppy butt I think I have ever seen.  The panties are only to protect household items from staining.  They are not a form of birth control.

Along with being proactive in watching out for unguarded moments, I was able to find out about a wonderful anti breeding device which allowed Bella to continue her regular activities and not have an unplanned mating event.  I located a chastity belt for female dogs called “PABS”, which stands for Pet Anti Breeding System, at the website  .  I love their caption “When the heat is on, LOCK IT” and boy, did it ever.  I called and spoke to the owner, Dexter Blanch, and he next day shipped me his pet chastity belt for Bella.  When it arrived, with a bit of a learning curve for me to get the adjustments correctly fitted to Bella,  I was able to get it fitted so that she could continue to go outside to pee and poo with no hindrance while wearing the PABS.  Bella had no problem accepting wearing the belt.  She was able to run, play and do her usual business without having Luke snatch away her virginity.  By the time Bella was in full bloom, Luke was beside himself.  He whimpered, begged and even promised me his first born puppy if I would just let him do it once.   Ah, it reminded me of days long ago when I was young.   Oh, Girls! Remember the begging days of “Please, Oh please, “I Love You”and ” I’ll even be nice to your brother”.   Luke gave it his best school try on several occasions and it left him exhausted and his desires not fulfilled.    Please check  out Mr. Blanch’s website and read the reviews and watch the videos.  This is the best designed belt I have ever seen and used for preventing male dogs from breeding with females in heat. Again, that web address is  .

Something handy for me was that it was easy to unsnap the chastity pad from the harness and wash out every night.  I used Woolite for Pet Stains and Odors.  I sprayed the meshed and seamed areas and let it set for a few minutes, then gave it a quick good rinse and towel dry.  The next morning it was fresh and clean and ready for another day of wear.  I will admit, the first three times I washed out Bella’s belt pad, I used other products and they did not completely remove the smell of urine.  Woolite is Awesome Stuff!  At night, while her PABS meshed part was drying, Bella, wearing her Velcro “bitches britches” and sanitary pad, slept with me.  Another thing I like about the PABS is that during the day when we were in the house, I slipped the cloth britches over the PABS, so nothing got on our furniture and carpets.

Bella will have at least two more heat cycles before we consider breeding her to Luke.   There was minimal disruption to our doggie pack and Luke did learn that unfilled desires will not be the death of him.  Rusty, neutered three years ago, was Bella’s pal around guy.  Since our three acres of land are fenced in, he was out there with her to alert us if any intruder tried to come onto the property.  We had no strange dog visitors.  Even with all the normal heat stressors, I have to brag on Luke.  He never became aggressive or refused to follow my commands to sit, stay or hold in down stay.  His manner was one of “yes, this is frustrating me, but can I sit in your chair and you pet me a while?”   He got extra love and attention from both Mark and me, along with some favorite snacks to make up for his not having a great appetite for his regular food.   Everything is now back to normal.  Thanks to PABS, this was a Five Star Event.  Thank you, Mr. Blanch for inventing such a wonderful device!

Here’s an update to the story above. Bella just finished her second heat cycle in December 2015. The PABS belt was again a perfect way to let Bella function in her normal play and service dog duties. Using the cute pink and purple bitches britches with their velcro enclosures allowed her to go with me everywhere that she needed to go. There is no odor that I or any of my friends noticed in regards to Bella’s heat cycle. Through the whole cycle, She was her usual well adjusted and loving self. At home without the britches, she was able to pee and poo without problems. Baby wipes allowed me to make sure that she stayed clean and comfy. Even though we have a fenced yard, we still used caution in allowing Luke and Bella to be together. Bella and Rusty out together and enjoying fun time. Luke in living room with me. Bella comes in and Luke goes out. When Bella and Luke were out together I was with them, along with Rusty. Just a family spending time together. Bella will be coming into heat again in about 8 months. We may or may not breed her then. It is nice to know that if I decide not to, PABS is there for me to enforce that decision.


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