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Bella Being Bella in our Pack – Stuff That Makes Things Fun

This morning around 11:00 a.m., Mark and I were getting ready to go to the art show in Raleigh.  With three doggie children, it can get interesting when we get ready to leave.  I had just called Luke and Rusty to come into our bedroom so they could sack out while we were gone for a couple of hours.  It was ONLY the three of us in the bedroom and I am straightening ...

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Our Bella is Five Months Old!

Our sweet Bella is now five months old!  She is such a precious part of our family that it is hard to imagine that we were doing okay before she joined us.  I weighed her on Saturday and she topped out at 14.6 pounds.  Still has her cute teddy bear face and we are seeing a blondish tint to her facial fur but still our ginger little red head.  She just had her ...

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My “Short List For Hospital Emergency Department and Hospital “In-Patient” Survival”

My "Short List For Hospital Emergency Department and Hospital "In-Patient" Survival" 1.  I WILL ALWAYS carry my Healthcare Power of Attorney for my husband with me and a copy of all of his current meds, with dosage amounts and any meds that he is allergic or reactive to and what happens when they are taken. 2.  I WILL make sure that I have a DOCTOR THAT ...

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“Expanded List of Ten Things” Re: Emergency Visit to Hospital

When my husband suffered a severe loss of consciousness and what looked to me to be a sudden death type of event, I called 911.  I started rescue efforts and was able to hear air and feel air moving in and out of my husband's lungs.  A Medic 3 and an EMT arrived and I quickly told them about his being treated at Duke Raleigh Hospital about 12 hours before this ...

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