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Bella’s Fancy Cast Goes “Funky” !

It started Saturday night with a suggestion from the hubby that he thought Bella's cast smelled "funny".   As us Moms are used to doing, I gave it the sniff test.  Old grass stain, a bit of rotting mowed grass, interwoven with the scent of dirt blended together to make an "old" smell was all I got from my quick shot at doing the sniff test.  Sunday came and ...

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The Drug That Taught Me About Depression

Since the death of Robin Williams, there has been a lot of discussion by experts on how drugs can affect our brains.   There are treatment drugs for Parkinson's Disease and while many work well for people, there are some that come with a dark side that can be dangerous to the people taking them for help in controlling their disease.  One woman on the news ...

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Bella’s Second Puppy Check-Up “With Frills”

This past Friday, August 15, 2014, our Bella got to meet her regular Veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Raboin, for Bella's second routine puppy visit.  Given Bella's adventure loving nature, we are on a first name basis with several of the doctors there at the clinic.  We thought we knew about raising puppies but Bella has taken us on quite the learning curve.  We arrived ...

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Nothing Funny About “Christian” Ignorance & Cruelty

One of the hardest things to do is to help someone live through a period of depression.   Depression can be brought on by any number of reasons.  Sometimes the depression is accompanied by or brought on by a post traumatic stress event.   The mental and emotional toll taken on both care givers and patients suffering from depression is, at times, overwhe...

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Bella’s First Vet Visit for a Broken Leg

Yes, it is true.  Bella's first week here at home was fun.  She fit right into the family. Luke and Rusty were a bit overwhelmed by how "Miss No-Fear Bella" quickly made herself comfortable.  Rusty, true to his nature, opened his heart and by the second day, it was common to see the two of them sleeping together.  Luke was, for want of a better word, flabbergas...

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Bella Picks Us Out !

Finally!  The days being counted down until we could go to pick out our new puppy had seemed endless.  I had been searching for a special mini goldendoodle puppy. Our chocolate Lab, Rusty, is over 7 years old and Luke, our mini goldendoodle, is 2 years old.  When we brought Luke home, Rusty took a good long look at Luke and then at me.  I sat on the floor, ...

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