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The False Medical Narrative Placed Into My Husband’s Duke Raleigh Hospital’s Emergency Department Medical Records by “Kaitlyn Y” RN

The information below is taken from a letter dated February 24, 2017, that was mailed to, among others, the following Duke Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital doctors and executive staff: David Zaas, MD [Note: Upon learning of Dr. Zaas's cancer diagnosis, a letter was sent to acting President Leigh Bleecker, MBA, MHA  Asst. VP Finance & Divisional CFO] ...

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Letter Sent to Duke’s Risk Assessment Manager John Legge – Re: False Medical Report Placed in Patient’s File

The following letter, dated May 17, 2017, was sent to John Legge, as well as those people copied upon this letter, last month.  I will be posting the letter that was mailed out that has the "false" narrative as to timeline of events and condition of patient which was  prepared by  "Kaitlyn Y" who was working with Hershel Cassell, MD during the early morning hours ...

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Danger – CIPRO & Tizanidine [Zanaflex] – FDA’s Warning Never Take These Two Drugs Together

When I first published this on my blog five days ago I stopped at the point wherein my next subject was to be about the potential for deadly interaction that can occur when taking CIPRO & Tizanidine [brand name -Zanaflex] concomitantly.  In order to make sure that I did a good job writing about this subject, I took some time to review all the information that ...

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