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Letter Sent to Duke’s Risk Assessment Manager John Legge – Re: False Medical Report Placed in Patient’s File

The following letter, dated May 17, 2017, was sent to John Legge, as well as those people copied upon this letter, last month.  I will be posting the letter that was mailed out that has the "false" narrative as to timeline of events and condition of patient which was  prepared by  "Kaitlyn Y" who was working with Hershel Cassell, MD during the early morning hours ...

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My “Short List For Hospital Emergency Department and Hospital “In-Patient” Survival”

My "Short List For Hospital Emergency Department and Hospital "In-Patient" Survival" 1.  I WILL ALWAYS carry my Healthcare Power of Attorney for my husband with me and a copy of all of his current meds, with dosage amounts and any meds that he is allergic or reactive to and what happens when they are taken. 2.  I WILL make sure that I have a DOCTOR THAT ...

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Coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, First as a Victim. Now as a CareGiver

This is a hard subject to write about.  Even as I now sit here writing about it, my recalling of that time still leaves me stunned at how hard it was to work through to get to the other side of "finally, I can see light."  I won't be rushing to finish this article.  The reason  is that now, because of the near death experience that my Mark suffered at the hands ...

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