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A Dream of Being Complete

Yesterday was a busy day.  When God is leading your working day, His guidance allows for much to be done in a small amount of time.  I got to the post office before it closed and by 5:13 pm, all letters had been mailed.  Since discovering some new information the first of January, it had been placed in my heart to share the details of how a devastating event was ...

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Random Acts and God’s Plan For Our Lives

New Year's Eve is a special time for our family.  We always enjoy sending the old year packing and welcoming in a fresh New Year.  Some years are a joy to see go while others have been like old friends we hate to see leave.  Since 2014 had been a so-so year, we simply waved "bye-bye" and shot off some fireworks.  We enjoyed the surrounding neighbors setting ...

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Nothing Funny About “Christian” Ignorance & Cruelty

One of the hardest things to do is to help someone live through a period of depression.   Depression can be brought on by any number of reasons.  Sometimes the depression is accompanied by or brought on by a post traumatic stress event.   The mental and emotional toll taken on both care givers and patients suffering from depression is, at times, overwhe...

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