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Our Bella is Five Months Old!

Our sweet Bella is now five months old!  She is such a precious part of our family that it is hard to imagine that we were doing okay before she joined us.  I weighed her on Saturday and she topped out at 14.6 pounds.  Still has her cute teddy bear face and we are seeing a blondish tint to her facial fur but still our ginger little red head.  She just had her ...

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A Progress Report on Our Sweet Bella

I cannot begin to even figure out a way to tell you how funny, loving and just pure joy this little cutie brings to us each day.  Bella is a wonderful example of  what a puppy owner can expect when he or she puts in the time, love and energy to help their puppy nestle into their family.   I am a firm believer in making sure that the puppy fits the family and the ...

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