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Bella Being Bella in our Pack – Stuff That Makes Things Fun

This morning around 11:00 a.m., Mark and I were getting ready to go to the art show in Raleigh.  With three doggie children, it can get interesting when we get ready to leave.  I had just called Luke and Rusty to come into our bedroom so they could sack out while we were gone for a couple of hours.  It was ONLY the three of us in the bedroom and I am straightening ...

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Our Bella is Five Months Old!

Our sweet Bella is now five months old!  She is such a precious part of our family that it is hard to imagine that we were doing okay before she joined us.  I weighed her on Saturday and she topped out at 14.6 pounds.  Still has her cute teddy bear face and we are seeing a blondish tint to her facial fur but still our ginger little red head.  She just had her ...

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A Progress Report on Our Sweet Bella

I cannot begin to even figure out a way to tell you how funny, loving and just pure joy this little cutie brings to us each day.  Bella is a wonderful example of  what a puppy owner can expect when he or she puts in the time, love and energy to help their puppy nestle into their family.   I am a firm believer in making sure that the puppy fits the family and the ...

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Bella Has Her Cast Off !

On Thursday, September 4th, Bella and I went to Wake Forest Animal Hospital.  Dr. Manning came in and Bella was her usual charming self.  Her cast was removed and her skin and fur looked great.  There were no rubbed or raw places.  I was tickled to see that by having the recommended routine cast changes, Bella's skin had remained in great condition while it ...

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Bella’s Second Puppy Check-Up “With Frills”

This past Friday, August 15, 2014, our Bella got to meet her regular Veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Raboin, for Bella's second routine puppy visit.  Given Bella's adventure loving nature, we are on a first name basis with several of the doctors there at the clinic.  We thought we knew about raising puppies but Bella has taken us on quite the learning curve.  We arrived ...

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