I Got Sucker-Punched by the Devil, So I Went Out & Bought A New Couch

Posted on July 24, 2014

Is it just me or have you too, noticed how, when things are running along smoothly, along comes something set on derailing your day?  That happened to me on Monday night.  For those of you following my Facebook page, you know what I am writing about.  For those of you who don’t follow my Facebook page, go there and get the full story.  I was so upset by what I had discovered and given the circumstances, I could not go into a full solo tirade of “&*(*^ ((&#$  PO)(&”.  Heck, I couldn’t even cry.  Having to remain calm so as to not upset those who are depending on me to remain Grandma and loving wife when I really want to have a verbal knock down and drag out with the devil sucks!  When I went to bed that night, I was prepared to have a toss and turn night.  However, God had other plans and I went to dreamland heaven.

Tuesday morning I woke up and did a full “Luke” stretch.  Our mini goldendoodle has the best full body stretch I think I have ever seen.  He can curve his body out into a long lean stretching machine, followed by a sound of pure contentment.  I may not look as lean but boy, it feels really good.  I thought about how I had weathered through Monday’s events.  The sucker-punch feeling was gone, gone & gone.  I got up and went to my magical coffee machine and created a nice brew for me to sip on as I planned out my day.  As I reclined back in my faithful old Lazyboy, I was wiggling my feet and true to form came the itty bitty squeak that I happen to like.  Mark gave me the “look” and I sighed as I drug myself into the laundry room to get my trusty can of WD-40.  Then it dawned on me.  Time to pay the devil back for yesterday.

My flesh had really been a trooper and had stayed in control, so I asked myself the question women really like to hear.  What have I been wanting to do that I have been putting off until a little later?  The answer came out like a flashing neon sign.  NEW Furniture!  Our Lazyboy recliner couch had not been something I had really liked looking at since finding Mark sitting in a near death position on it back in 2011.  My recliner would move to my studio building so me and my itty bitty squeak could still enjoy each other.  When I called our son and asked him if he could use good couch in his new home, it was “Sure!”  That was the kiss to go!  Mark, granddaughter, Allison and I loaded up in our Expedition and off we went to the Lazyboy Store.   Allison and I found the perfect sized recliner with room enough for both her and me to sit together.   It also had to rock because grandson Daniel, at two and a half, still wants Grandma to sing and rock him to sleep.  Grandpa Mark, checked out the recliner couches, searching for one that would “nap” well.  Success was achieved all the way around when I asked for and got great prices for the couch and recliner.  They also tossed in free delivery for me.  Even better, they will be delivered this coming Monday.

Allison, Mark and I stopped at Dairy Queen and went for the gold.  We had two large vanilla cones, chocolate dipped, but Allison topped us all by having a Fudge Brownie with Oreo cookies ice cream sundae.  Went home and just had a laid back day.  Oh, yes and we bought a new Betta fish, complete with condo bowl and blue light.  These little guys live for about three years with us and then it usually goes belly up and down the toilet bowl for a military funeral.  I remember as kids how our Mom led us in a Military funeral for our gold fish.  My Step-Father was in the Navy and all was handled as should be.  Gosh, we were so little!  Sister and I saluted the swirling body headed down to what we thought was the ocean and our Brother waved bye-bye.  We were staying in the old apartments on the Naval Base that was in Chelsea, Mass.  Long gone now, but the memories could never be torn down when the base was closed.  Things like that always are a sweet recall of memory.




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