In All Things, God is My Counselor

Posted on July 14, 2014

On July 7, 2014, God gave me a vision and a clear path to follow to accomplish His plan for my family. I was filling holes in the front yard when suddenly an icy breeze blew through my hair and it was so different.  I sensed the presence of God in the wind.  I realized that through my heart and up into my mind I was hearing the voice of God.  As He began to speak to me, I looked up towards our home. The sky had taken on an almost bright luminescent blue. There were small streams of dotted gold light coming into the very roof. I started praising God in a loud voice, thanking Him for what He is leading me to do. All of a sudden I saw a fiery sword that favored my cross sword necklace in my right hand.  In my left hand I held the hair of a decapitated head.  Curls of its hair were wrapped in my fingers, its beard and features had a statuesque appearance.  I realized that it was Goliath’s head.  God sensed my bewilderment and satisfied my mind, soul and body. He said “What I (God) have done before I do again. You are my chosen one.” He also gave me a message for my grandchildren, Allison and Austin.

Standing there, at the bottom corner of our yard, as the vision faded, the wind lessened and I bowed my head in prayer.   For more than two years I had been praying for God to send someone to help my husband.  He had experienced grievous injuries by those who had been entrusted to give him medical care.  At this time, there is an adversity I am faced with that God knows I have not wanted to fight against.  I can tell you, that to the marrow of my bones, I have dreaded the actions that would be necessary to handle what has to be done.  I have prayed so very hard to have a “David” to step in and battle this giant for me.  When God removed the power of Satan’s fear and placed His power in me, I now look eagerly towards the battle.  By giving me His vision for me, it was a reminder that I am the daughter of the Most High and Almighty King, the Great I AM.

In my life I have experienced only a few of these visions, each different in content for specific events.  One happened when my husband and I were riding our Harleys back from Myrtle Beach after Bike Week, an annual motorcycle event held in South Carolina every May. Heading for home, we had been driving in blinding rain on I95 for almost four hours.  My motorcycle was not running right.  If I dropped my speed below 50, it would start to miss and choke.  Speeding up would make the problem go away.  Big tractor trailers were throwing water up onto our bikes and us. We did have our riding leathers on and it was a blessing because the outside temperature had dropped to around 58 degrees.

Finally, as we came out of the rain, my motorcycle gasped and choked off on the side of the road of Highway 440, still about 30 miles from the safety of home.  Mark could do what needed to be done to get and keep my motorcycle running.  I could not.  He said that I would have to ride his bike and he would ride mine.  I burst into tears, overwhelmed by the stress of the dangerous ride up to this point.  Now, to have to ride Mark’s bike!  I was so scared of what I was going to have to do, that my pure heart shook. I knew I had to do what Mark was telling me.  My bike, a custom built “Road King” style, was familiar.  Mark’s bike was so different.  It had straight handle bars versus my comfortable buckhorn ones.  My riding leathers were soaked from the rain.  As I walked to his bike, the sun came out.  I turned my head and the shape of a face of light appeared.  I heard the words, “I am with you. Get on the bike. No harm will come to you.”  I did as I was told.  With trembling hands, I cranked up his bike.  With the roar of his motorcycle’s engine in my ears, I let off on the clutch and started up onto the highway.  I felt my heart grow calm  in my chest, as God’s words were nestling in and taking over the place where fear had once dwelt.   By the time we were on Captial Blvd, my motorcycle, under Mark’s experienced hand, was running okay.  The blue skies which had been hidden by the storm and rain for so many hours, had opened up into a Carolina Blue kind of day.  With the sun’s warmth upon our faces, we laughed together, basking in God’s gracious glory.   I thoroughly enjoyed our riding home together.  God was in His Heaven and we were in his care.  The memory of that special day still remains with me, as will the special day that God gave me the vision that I am writing about today.  Counselor, Keeper and Father, Precious God, oh how I love you, Lord!

Satan, the god of this earthly world, is full of ways to block, interfere and set anyone up to fail.  He is no respecter of persons and whispers into the ears of believers and non-believers alike. “Don’t believe in that stuff, it only happened way back in the old days.  It doesn’t happen now.” As a Daughter of the King, El Shaddai, Sustainer and Destroyer, Adonai, Jehovah, the Almighty and Great I AM, I know that what I say is true.  God is still alive and well here.  He is NOT dead.  He has told me, “What I have done before, I do again.”  I will follow the Lord all the days of my life and He will direct my steps.  He will protect my family and me.  Whether we remain here or leave to go to our heavenly home, He is always with us.  He is with each of His children. He will be our strength and our helper and He will bring justice to those who cry to Him, Abba, Father, save us, save us!  I feel amazement and humility at how God has pushed me forward in this situation.  Goliath was a huge man, a mighty warrior.  He terrified all who came up against him.  God brought forth a shepherd boy named David.  God spoke, David acted and Goliath fell, wounded by the stone slung from that shepherd boy’s slingshot. That shepherd boy, David, ran towards the fallen body of his foe and drew Goliath’s sword from its scabbard and severed the head of Goliath, thus killing Goliath with his own sword.  That shepherd boy, David, son of Jessie,  went on to be the second King of Israel and Judah.

Many times we have to face the decision of being able to stay our course, never giving up for our battle is not over until it is over.  I leave you with this, “The battle, my battle belongs to the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  He is my defender, protector and Lord of my Life. I shall not fear, for my God goes before me and His Word is final say.

Amen, and again I say Amen.


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