Bella’s New Veterinarian Service

Posted on September 1, 2014

Sometimes we have to consider when to make a change in pet healthcare providers.   In the area in which we live, we are fortunate to have many quality pet care providers.  That’s why, today, I am changing pet care providers for Bella.  As Bella’s voice, I like to share positive care given to her and compliment the doctors and staff who are giving Bella that care.  That being said, when the care Bella receives is not satisfactory to me, I speak up to let those in charge know about the incident, person or persons involved and what might be done to make the next experience better.  When I find out that the leadership of a particular business doesn’t want to focus on my concerns about poor service given and I have been nice in my presentation, it is time for me to pack up and go somewhere else.  In this case, Bella and I are, so to speak “Outta there and gone.”

During my long and productive career as a law librarian administrator, I learned to really listen to complaints, ask questions about suggestions to improve customer service and above all, never forget that it all boils down to listening and hearing what customers say.  I was blessed to work under the guiding hand of a born mentor,  Mr. Bob Stivers.  He taught me an excellent way to be involved with working with others so that we could all relate in a positive way.  His methods were so productive that even today, I still follow his guidelines in my interactions with others.   Complaints should be made as follows  (1) if possible, mention something positive, something that you like about the business or personnel working there, (2) state your concern about the incident that occurred and, most importantly (3) always offer what might be a proactive way to prevent you or others from experiencing that problem again.  “Bob’s Rule” was “don’t bring anything to me that you haven’t already pondered upon at least two solutions that might be “fixes” for the problem”.  The solutions may or may not help, but it would prove to him that we, his management staff, had given sincere thought to the “opportunity for improvement”  before dumping it in his lap.

Well,  in this case,  I was quickly informed, by QCAH’s hospital administrator that she wasn’t interested in anything I wanted to share.  She informed me that she had spent exactly 17 minutes on the phone listening to me.  Little did I know that when I answered her call,  she had the clock running on the time she had allocated for my call.  Since I started off my conversation by telling her how pleased I was with the way that Dr. Purcell and the after hours staff  had changed Bella’s cast and sold me tick and flea tablets for Luke and Bella, I had burnt up my minutes for discussing Bella’s situation.   You know you are spinning your wheels when you hear, “you need to go back to Dr. So & So, because “we  [QCAH]  cannot make you happy”.

So that is the end of that story.  Bella is scheduled for her third new puppy visit this week.  I just got the confirmation email from her new vet service.  She, along with Luke and Rusty, will be under the care of our local Wake Forest Animal Hospital.  Luke has already been in a couple of weeks ago.  He  had his teeth cleaned and his hips x-rayed for OFA certification.  Dr. Manning, will get to meet Bella, who has a way of brightening up everybody’s day.  Three years ago,  Dr. Manning sat with us on the floor in his office and helped Mark and me see that our beloved Buddy  would suffer no more.  We three together, comforted Buddy as he crossed the “Rainbow Bridge.” That was then and now this is a new time.  A time for life, health and happiness for our three family pets.   I’ll still  be dropping by the other veterinarian office to pick up a couple of pet snacks that the “kids” like and to say “Hi” to some great front office staff  members. Life always offers us chances to get to know new people, experience new things and learn what we like and what is important for each of us.  Whether I am picking out a doctor for my human family or for my pet family, my decision is always based on one fact.  Who is the best in what they do for this period of time?  For now, the answer to that question is Wake Forest Animal Hospital.




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